Science BGE S1 and S2 Resources

S1 and S2 BGE Science

Pupils in S1 and S2 will complete 6 topics per year; 2 of each discipline in S1 and again in S2.
Each topic has a minimum of 2 formal homework exercises that all pupils in the year group will complete. Although, pupils may be issued with additional homework exercises.

S1 Documents:

Becoming A Scientist:
Bar Graph Problem Sheet
Solubility Problem Sheet
Famous Scientist Report
Essential Energy:
Types of Energy Exercise
Energy Exercise 1
Life on The Edge:
Freshwater Ecosystems
Pond Animal Exercise
Marvellous Matter:
Atoms and Molecules
Elements and Compounds
To Infinity and Beyond:
Weight and Mass
Conduction and Convection
Is There Life? (Research Project)
The Next Generation:
Seed Dispersal Worksheet
The Menstrual Cycle Worksheet


 S2 Documents:

Microscope Revision
Cells Worksheet
PHun Metals:
Homework Exercise 1
Homeowrk Exercise 2
Homework Exercise 3
Past to Present:

Bright Spark:
Electricity Vocab and Phrases
Electricity Exercise 1
Electricity Exercise 2
Electricity Exercise 3
Electricity Exercise 4
Light and Sound:
Revision questions