Social Subjects

In Social Subjects, your child will develop their understanding of the world by learning about other people and their values, in different times, places and circumstances. There will be a focus on the historical, social, geographic, economic and political changes that have shaped Scotland.

Your child will learn about human achievements and about how to make sense of changes in society, of conflicts and of environmental issues.

At St Modan’s High School Social Subject’s encompasses four different departments:

–          Geography

–          History

–          Modern Studies

–          Business

In S1-2 pupils will experience aspects of all four subject areas across a range of themes designed to ensure pupils develop skills that can be used both in learning, life and work such as debate, discussion, critical thinking and working cooperatively.

In S3 pupils have some personalisation and choice and will have focused delivery on the Social Subject(s) of their choice. This will build the skills and concept knowledge required for moving into National Qualifications.

Further information can be found by following the tabs to each subject area.