Your Results 2018

Your Results 2018

You will receive your Scottish Qualifications Certificate (SQC) by first class mail on TUESDAY 7th AUGUST.

If you change your permanent home address, tell your school or college immediately. This will ensure that your SQC is delivered directly to your home, and avoids confusion or delays.

If you are going on to university or college, we will send your results to the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) electronically.

If you are returning for the new session, we will send results information to your school or college so that there is plenty of time for teachers to plan next year’s timetables and give you career and course guidance.

If your SQC does not arrive on TUESDAY 7th AUGUST please contact your school or college immediately. The school or college will be able to confirm your results and liaise with us to find out what has happened to your SQC.

Why wait to receive your results?

MySQA is a web service that offers you secure and unique access to your results.

Don’t wait for your results envelope to drop through the mailbox. If you register by 5pm on Wednesday 18th July  you can choose to have your results sent by e-mail or text from 8:00am on TUESDAY 7th AUGUST. Even if you’re away from home, you won’t have to wait or get someone else to open your results for you. Find out how to activate your account at

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Remember, National 4 Courses are awarded as either ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ and have no overall grade. You will probably know the result from your teacher prior to the summer holidays and the text/e-mail you receive will simply confirm the result.

Recognising Positive Achievement

If you sit a National 5 Course and receive a ‘No Award’ then as part of Recognising Positive Achievement arrangements you may be awarded the Course at National 4. If you meet the Unit requirements, a National 4 Course award will show on your certificate. Please contact your school or college if you have any questions about what appears on your certificate.

Unexpected Results

All pupils entering S5 in August are advised to choose their 5 best subjects where their attainment is highest to ensure maximum success in S5. S5 pupils should avoid ‘crashing’ subjects where possible. Where places in classes are limited, priority, in most cases, will be given to those who have experience in the subject in S4.

Any pupil who wishes to discuss course choice for next session, following the publication of SQA results should phone the school office on the morning of Tuesday 14th August (10am – 12:30 noon) to speak to a senior member of staff about whether or not this can be accommodated.

As a result of ‘free-choice’ introduced recently over 97% of pupils in our new S5 and S6 managed to get all of their first-choice subjects next session.  This means that, following a robust process of interviews pupils are already coursed to do their strongest subjects so changes to these original choices are expected to be minimal and will only be possible in exceptional circumstances.


Results Services

 St Modan’s Results Services Policy

SQA no longer operate an Appeals process but have introduced only a basic service of clerical checks and marker reviews for use in exceptional circumstances only. This means that the school is no longer able to appeal for pupils who have under-performed in exams by sending samples of their work. For further information please click on the link below:

St Modan’s will follow procedures and processes outlined in Stirling Council Results Services Policy – click below for details:

Download (PDF, 1.71MB)

Good luck to all of our SQA exam candidates. We wish them all the very best for 7th August.