What is enterprise in education?

It is about young people:

  • Developing enterprising skills and attitudes including self motivation, ambition, creativity, confidence, enthusiasm and team building skills
  • Taking responsibility for their own learning
  • Having the confidence to take risks
  • Being encouraged to try new things
  • Finding out more about all the different jobs that exist
  • Working with local businesses, parents and the wider community to give their learning a real life context

How can I get involved?

There are many different ways to get involved both at home and at school.

In Stirling, some of the parents have supported enterprise in their child’s school by:

  • Attending careers days and providing pupils with some information on their job and the skills and attitudes they need to carry out that role
  • Carrying out a demonstration of a particular skill that they have, for example a beautician has carried out a demonstration of a treatment for pupils
  • Supporting a team of pupils with an enterprise project, for example a parent who has an interest in gardening has passed on some hints and tips to a gardening committee and a parent who works in project management has given a team of pupils practical examples on how they could better manage their outdoor classroom project
  • Offering a work experience placement at their place of employment

At home, you can support your child by encouraging them to try new things, to take responsibility, to find out more about the jobs they are interested in and to generally encourage them to be the best they can be. Through talking to them about their ambitions and plans for the future you could also help them identify their strengths and link those to potential careers.

If you would like to support St Modan’s High School with enterprise please complete the Parent/Carer Engagement Form and return it to us through this website.

Useful Websites

Parentzone www.parentzonescotland.gov.uk

Skill (national bureau for students with disabilities) www.skill.org.uk

One Parent Families Scotland Tel: 0800 018 5026 www.opfs.org.uk

ParentLine Scotland Tel: 0808 800 2222 www.children1st.org.uk/parentline

Parent Network Scotland Tel: 0131 555 6780 www.parentnetworkscotland.org.uk

Parentzone leaflet