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Travel and Tourism

The National 4/5 Skills for Work: Travel and Tourism Course is an introductory qualification in travel and tourism. It develops the skills, knowledge and attitudes, needed for work in the travel and tourism industry. The Course is designed to be practical and provides an opportunity for learners to reflect on and learn through experience. The following units are to be completed in order to achieve a pass:

  1. Travel and Tourism: Employability
  2. Travel and Tourism: Customer Service
  3. Travel and Tourism: Scotland
  4. Travel and Tourism: UK and Worldwide

Learners will develop:

  • Skills to become effective job-seekers and employees.
  • Skills to deal effectively with all aspects of customer care and customer service in travel and tourism.
  • The product knowledge and skills to deal effectively with customer enquiries in relation to travel and tourism in Scotland, the rest of the United Kingdom and worldwide.