Google Classroom

Pupil access to Google Classroom


All pupil have a google email address, their network user name with  as an ending.


This gives the pupil access to both Google Classroom  and their Google Drive.

Forgotten passwords and user names can be retrieved my emailing:-

Parents can also login to Google Classrooms using their child’s username and password.


Google class codes

All pupils who have returned a chromebook agreement form to school have been issued with a new chromebook.

Teachers will make increasing use of chromebooks as a valuable part of learning and teaching in class and to allow completion and return of homework in the current climate which is covid-19 safe.

A list of our ‘new’ google class codes can be found by clicking on the appropriate link for your child’s new year group,

New S1


New S2


New S3


New S4


New S5/6


ASN Classes (For selected pupils only)


Google classroom support

Download (PDF, 71KB)


Simple guide to uploading your work


“How to” videos – student guide

“How to” videos – parent guide




Download (PDF, 251KB)