All about us

St Modan’s Autism Provision supports young people on the Autistic Spectrum from Stirling and the surrounding areas. Our main aim is to provide our ASD pupils with meaningful learning opportunities and experiences in a safe and caring environment. Pupils benefit both from the support of experienced staff within the Provision and access, where appropriate, to mainstream classes, allowing them opportunities for social inclusion.

Staff employ a range of teaching and learning experiences supported by experienced teaching and support staff and a range of other professionals. We work collaboratively with pupils and parents/carers to ensure their individual plans allow them opportunities to reach their fullest potential and to promote independence in school, the wider community and later in adult life.

The Provision offers a broad curriculum for pupils of all abilities including many programmes which provide practical skills for learning, life and work whilst recognising the individual’s strengths and challenges.

As members of this school community our pupils make excellent use of  all facilities promoting an ethos of inclusion. Pupils from the mainstream also regularly join us in a range of activities including sporting, social and residential events which strengthens relationships within the St. Modan’s community.