Bloodhound Challenge

A group of 9 second year students from St. Modans High School attended Forth Valley College, Stirling Campus on Monday 27th May for a fun-packed day of Scientific Activities with an engineering emphasis along with students from Wallace and Stirling High Schools.

The day started with a Team-Building Activity which got everyone thinking and warming up their brains for the day ahead. Next for us was the challenge of building a rocket which was to be launched in the afternoon using high pressure air as the propellant. Good aerodynamics and careful construction were the keys to success. A number of other interesting activities then followed including problem-solving computer games, and making your own CD Hovercraft.

After lunch the big challenge was presented. The task……design and build your own rocket propelled car…..The aim… your rocket propelled car to achieve the highest possible straight line speed!  Just like Formula 1, there was a long list of designs constraints which the pupils had to strictly follow.

Finally, the finished vehicles were taken outside to the drag strip for the speed test.   Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this and the winning car reached an amazing 52mph in the short distance of 25m!!

Everyone then headed home after a brilliant day participating in the STEM Bloodhound Challenge 2019.