Celebrating Success in BGE

Well Done 2B and 2E!


The pupils of 2B and 2E deserve to be congratulated for their impressive work based on the historical novel ‘Fleshmarket’. Pupils in both classes recreated replica pages from the journals of the notorious Dr Robert Knox.


Platinum Level Excellence

For a number of years, the English department has delivered a weekly reading programme to all S1 and S2 pupils. This allows pupils to develop and record their reading skills both in school and at home. Over the history of the programme, we have recorded pupil success through Bronze, Silver and Gold level certificates. However, this year – for the first time since we implemented the programme- we have a pupil who has surpassed all levels within a matter of months.

Our congratulations go to Molly of 1A, whose remarkable performance in her Personal Reading earned her a Platinum Level award. In honour of this unique achievement,  Molly was recently presented with the first ever Platinum Level certificate and an appropriate  Award from Mrs Pennock (PT English). Well done, Molly!