Online Resources

All Music and Music Technology classes have resources online.

Find the google classroom code for your class

Teacher  Class Name  Google Classroom Access Code 
Mrs Barrie  1.2  l4rspdd 
Mrs Barrie  2.2  i7yxlkl 
Mrs Barrie/Miss Aitkenhead  Advanced Higher Music  h3u63ae 
Mrs Barrie  5E  Class code: wmlwiu6

All resources also shared  with pupils on GLOW onedrive. 

Mrs Barrie  4E  Class code: f4adfy2

All resources also shared  with pupils on GLOW onedrive.

Miss Hunter  4D   2bgrlc3 
Miss Hunter  5A  i6btbq3 
Miss Hunter  2.4  2x3shvn 
Miss Hunter  1.10  d3f2rjj 
Miss Hunter  1.5  q3pbrzt 
Miss Hunter  1.3  ztuv3tc 
Miss Aitkenhead & Miss Hunter  4D  2bgrlc3 
Miss Aitkenhead & Miss Hunter  5A  i6btbq3 
Miss Aitkenhead  1.4  rt56dtb 
Miss Aitkenhead & Mr Walsh  1.8  rwiksgk 
Miss Aitkenhead  1.9  xu7fgf2 
Miss Aitkenhead  2.1  vt2gc7k 
Miss Aitkenhead  2.5  3e5ckls 
Miss Aitkenhead  2.7  4ajtu3j 
Miss Aitkenhead  2.9  rjslg53 
Miss Aitkenhead & Mr Walsh  2.10  3kwicoa 
Mr Walsh 1.6 e2hv7d7
Mr Walsh 1.7 afkjxzf 
Mr Walsh 2.3 j6etzob
Mr Walsh 2.6 ddpcmvb
Mr Walsh 2.8 dybjcxd
Mr Walsh 3C tjhy53a
Music Technology 
Mrs Barrie  5D Music Tech  Class code: tshdtep

All pupil work is also on GLOW onedrive which they use on a daily basis.