S1 Elizabethan Experience

On November 19th all S1 pupils enjoyed the department’s annual Elizabethan Experience.  This exciting event is an integral part of  Term 2, in which the pupils complete their study of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.   Throughout the afternoon, pupils got a chance to experience numerous Elizabethan activities ranging from watching a medieval magician to participating in archery and   jousting.








Here’s what the pupils said about the afternoon:

Which activities did enjoy most?

“Seeing the birds because they were cute, and seeing the jester because he did magic tricks!”

“I liked the archery because I like moving about…’

“I liked learning about the stars best.”

How did you feel about learning across different subject areas?

“I liked it because it was fun”

“It’s good because you’re not stuck in one subject- you learn a bit about everything!”

“I learned loads!”