Chaplaincy Update

February 2016

  • Feast Day Mass on Friday 5th February at 10.30 am. Anyone who is able to help out with the organisation etc. please let Mrs Stirling know. All help appreciated!
  • Mass during Lent will be on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. S1 will help out by covering the Monday and Tuesday masses. Monday 15th – 1A, Wed 17th – 1B, Fri 19th- 3A, Mon 22nd – 1C, Wed 23rd – 1D, Fri 24th – 3B
  • 24th March – Holy Thursday Service
  • Reconciliation will be the focus in RE classes at the beginning of Lent + Lenten activities to be confirmed
  • Confessions during Lent every Tuesday from 12.20pm in Mrs McArthur’s room
  • Class Lenten Services – information to follow
  • SCIAF little boxes will be available to all PSD classes. This year the government will again match the money raised for SCIAF. S1 will raise money for Let the Children Live and S6 – The Legacy Project.