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In recent weeks, a group of dedicated pupils have been working with Miss Clarkin and Mr Mokwa to get a taste of working in the exciting world of broadcast journalism.


The pupils have been exploring the issue of Friendship and discovering what it means in the 21st century.


Pupil Blog:

meet the Team

Anchor-women: Aleena Francis, Zaynab Hafeez

Roaming Reporters: Katrina Ireland, Catherine Miller,

                                     Erin Miller

Writer: Olivia Mumford, Erin Thomas

The team met on Wednesday lunchtimes with Miss Clarkin and Mr Mokwa to pick a topic to investigate and plan the report. We then spent the entirety of the 10th of March filming and editing our project.fd

We investigated on what the term “friend” means in 2016.

Period 1:

               We interviewed Mr Curran who said that

When he was little, he would run up the phone bill and how social media has helped him to keep in touch without doing that. We interviewed some older students about how they had witnessed recurring problems in group chats.

Period 2:

              We time lapsed Katrina Ireland walking around the school.

              We interviewed PC Brown about how to be safe online and advice that she would give to keep social medias secure. PC Brown also spoke about the consequences of cyber bullying and the negative impact it can have on pupils.

Period 3:

          We took pictures to create a montage of various pupil’s Facebook friends.

                We interviewed BBC broadcast journalist David Delday about how social media has helped him stay in touch with friends and family who have moved away from his home island, Orkney.

Period 4:

We interviewed Mr O’Neill

Period 5:


Period 6: