Faculty Structures


Our Faculty structure is designed to reflect pre-dispositions of pupils

1. Faculty of Arts, Culture and Health  – including Art and Design, Music, PE and Home Economics;

2. Faculty of Maths, Science and Technology – including Maths, Sciences, Computing and Technical subjects

3. Faculty of Language and Society – including English, Modern Languages, RE and Social Subjects

The thinking behind this structure stems from the notion that children bring to their Secondary Education certain areas in which they are confident and in which their aptitudes predominately lie. Therefore children may be more able in one or other of these three broad curricular areas .

If the school reflects these in a coherent manner then the curriculum and courses should be developed to the point where there are opportunities for the children to work in the areas of their predominant strengths. Our new school building (opened in August 2008) reflects these faculty groupings with a wing of the new school being devoted to each Faculty.

Our 4th faculty…

4. Pupil Support and Development – includes all aspects of pupil support and development. The school runs a horizontal PSD system whereby pupils are supported by a team of PSD teachers and a single Principal Teacher of PSD per year group. When pupils join the school in S1 the same PSD Team  (where possible) stays with them throughout their time in St Modan’s until they leave in S6. From S1 every pupils is allocated a PSD Teacher who remains the first point of contact for parents with regards to any enquiries or concerns relating to the child. Each year group also has a PT PSD and a link Depute Head Teacher to support our young people and their families. Mrs Shandley (DHT) has overall responsibility for all aspects of Pupil Support and Development (including Child Protection) across the whole school.