Spanish Senior Phase


National 4/5

S4 pupils are currently studying the Family and Freinds, Media and Lifestyles topic in which they will learn to talk about their relationships with family and friends in Spanish. They will also discuss the importance of media in the 20th century and will be able to talk about their eating and exercise habits using a variety of tenses and strucures. Pupils have all been issued with a Society booklet and this should be used for study in class and at home.

Additional Resources

Society – Powerpoint

N5 Talking Help: Technology

N5 Talking Help: Family and Friends

N5 Talking Help: Health


Higher Spanish are currently working on the Society topic, in which they are discussing the importance of family, friends and relationships. Mrs Somerville is paying particular attention to Reading and Listening skills. Pupils can use the booklet Higher Spanish – Society to practise Reading skills at home. Homework will be issued by Miss McCormack and Mrs Somerville on a daily basis.

Additional Resources

Higher Spanish – Culture

Higher Spanish – Employability

Higher Spanish – Learning