Caritas Award

What is the Caritas Award?

The Pope Benedict XVI CARITAS AWARD encourages and promotes the ongoing faith journey of young people. It recognises that some are already active and committed within their homes, schools, parishes and dioceses and it invites others to respond to God’s call of love. It supports and celebrates the faith witness which young people give within their communities.


Caritas Award 2015

Our six S6 pupils have recently recieved the good news that they have all been successful in achieveing the Caritas Award for 2015. This award recognises faith witness across all faiths and involves participants undertaking voluntary work in school and within their own faith community at home. In addition to this they must complete four written assessments reflecting on scripture and its relevance in modern life and also a final written piece of work which tells the story of their own personal faith journey through the year.
Feedback from the Scottish Catholic Education Service, who administer and certificate the awards, was very positive and their comments are as follows:-
“Assessors were impressed with some submissions, as being thoughtful, sincere and well expressed. Some pupils have clearly had significant experiences as a result of the work done in school and parish. thank you for your work”