Jean Ann Devlin- 1967

As a former pupil at both St Modans annexe and main school, thought I would let you know of my accomplishments since I left school in 1967. I had planned on staying on at school but sadly my last year was inundated with health issues after spending time in hospital.
After a few rough starts, I moved to London in 1976 where I got into the field which was my lifesaver, nursing. I became a registered nurse in 1979 followed by midwifery course, of which I did really well. In 1983 I had the opportunity to travel doing the work I loved, in total 46 different countries including places like Russia Ethiopia Nigeria Australia New Zealand Japan Hong Kong Morocco Israel Saudi Arabia Dubai just to mention a few. I have hundreds of babies around the globe many of whom I’ve been to the weddings of, and christenings of their babies.
I am very proud of what I’ve accomplished, not bad for someone from the Raploch who left school at 15. I have traveled the world both for work and pleasure, have now been to 102 countries. Now I am sitting in my little house in the Cotswolds where I have lived the last 16 years and am now enjoying my retirement.
I also took on another career whilst nursing, I became a ballroom and Latin Dancer competing in the USA and Canada for 15 years. I have loved my life and have many friends around the globe.
If I had to go back I would have stayed on at school, leaving at 15/16 is not something I would recommend, but I have made up for it in many ways.

My Father my 3 sisters and 2 brothers many cousins and nephews are alumni. I thoroughly enjoyed all my time at St Modans, played on hockey team for couple of years also. Thank you.

Jean Ann Devlin